My 100 Truths

I turned 39 last week! Yikes. One more year left of the dirty thirties. So in honour of this sombre realisation, I am giving you the answers to a list of 100 questions that will supposedly tell you everything about me. I didnt make up this list. I came across it on another blog and thought ….why not? A little silliness never hurt nobody. Here we go….

1. Last beverage→ Coffee
2. Last phone call→ Mum
3. Last text message→ A bank notification
4. Last song you listened to→FRIENDS by Anne-marie
5. Last time you cried→ I got a little teary watching Black Panther.
6. Dated someone twice? → Errr, Yes.
7. Been cheated on? → Not to my knowledge
8. Beat someone?→ of course. I grew up with siblings. Had to defend myself.
9. Lost someone special? →Yes
10. Been depressed?→ Yes
11. Been drunk and threw up? → Neva!!!

12. Yellow
13. Black
14. Green
15. Blue

16. Made new friends → Yes
17. Fallen out of love → Not really
18. Laughed until you cried→ Oh yes!
19. Met someone who changed you→ My son! Does he count?
20. Found out who your true friends were → Sure. But sometimes it’s about diverse friends for diverse reasons.
21. Found out someone was talking about you → Yes but who cares?!
22. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list → Next question…
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life → On facebook? Probably 80 percent.
25. Do you have any pets → No
26. Do you want to change your name→ I’m named after my great grandmother so NO. Last name? Also no. Too old now:)
27. What did you do for your last birthday → I was surprised with a lovely chocolate cake.
28. What time did you wake up today →6am
29. What were you doing at midnight last night → Totally crashed
30. Name something you cannot wait for → Game of thrones season 8. Can I get an amen?!
31. Last time you saw your father → 3 months ago.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → It would be nice to be independently wealthy.
33. What are you listening to right now → Random songs suggested by Apple music.
34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Yes
35. What’s getting on your nerves right now? → Unprofessional contractors.
36. Most visited webpage → Google
37. What’s your name → Nana
38. Nicknames→ I called myself Il-Nana very briefly in high school. Some call me Nana B.
39. Role model →Right now, it’s Ava Duvernay
40. Zodiac sign→ Taurus
41. Male or female or transgendered→ Female
42. Primary school→ RCS (Ghana) and Olympio (Tanzania)
43. High School → Imani (Kenya), SOS HGIC (Ghana)
44. College → Trinity (USA)
45. Hair colour → Black. Grays are coming.
46. Long/medium/short → “Long” ?? Tall
47. Height → 5’8
48. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes, Idris Elba. He’s taken, I know.
49: What do you like about yourself? → My drive.
50. Home Town → Kumasi
51. Tattoos → No
52. Righty or lefty → Mostly right

53. First surgery → 2008. Eish. TMI.
54. First relationship → Define relationship??
55. First best friend → Linda.
56. First sport you joined → Field hockey
57. First pet → Family dog called Noel.
58. First vacation→ London
59. First concert → Ja Rule
60. First crush → Michael Jackson

61. Eating → Breakfast
62. Drinking → Coffee
63. Already missing → Summer
64. I’m about to →Take my kid to the park
65. Listening to → Did I not already answer this question?
66. Thinking about → What the future holds…
67. Waiting for? 2020 – I think its going to be an epic year…Not sure why

68. Want kids? → CHECK!
69. Want to get married? → I’m indifferent.
70. Careers in mind → social entrepreneur (sounds really cool)

71. Lips or eyes → Eyes
72. Hugs or kisses → Both
73. Shorter or taller → Taller
74. Older or Younger → Older
75. Romantic or spontaneous → Romantic
76. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice heart 🙂
77. Sensitive or loud → Neither!
78. Hook-up or relationship → Ha! Relationship
79. Trouble maker or hesitant→ Neither!

81. Drank hard liquor → Yes. Not a fan.
82. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes, for 24 hours. It was a nightmare!
83. Had sex on 1st date – No. Eish! TMI!!
84. Broken someone’s heart → I doubt it.
85. Had your own heart broken → Yes
86. Been arrested → No.
87. Turned someone down → Yes
88. Cried when someone died → Yes

89. Yourself → Very much
90. Miracles → Yes
91. Love at first sight → No
92. Heaven → Yes
93. Santa Claus → No
94. Angels → Yes


95. Are you afraid of falling in love? No. Yes. No. Maybe.
96. When was the last time you lied? I don’t know. Probably to my kid. It’s necessary at times.
97. Are you usually late, early or right on time? All the above. It depends.
98. Are you a good person? I like to think so.
99. Wish you could change things in your past? Not really. All good lessons.
100. Are you posting this as 100 Truths? → Yes.

Phew! That was a lot! Enjoy the public holiday. Happy workers day!

Peace and love!