Hi! I am Nana Adowaa Boateng, founder and writer of the Afro Optimist blog. I am a Ghanaian with a multicultural background: born in Italy and raised in East and West Africa. I studied in the US and the UK and started my career as an economist in  Johannesburg! I now live and work in Abuja, Nigeria. I have traveled extensively on the continent (25 countries in Africa), met African Leaders, had moments of pessimism, met movers and shakers, had renewed optimism, fell in love with the continent and discovered a passion for writing, sustainable living and… chocolate-making. I am a proud mum to a ridiculously smart 8 year old who has motivated me to write my first children’s book. I consider myself a creative, a storyteller and a dreamer. I am very optimistic about the future of our beautiful continent, Africa.

You can reach me at n.boateng@icloud.com

p.s Its Adowaa not Adwoa 🙂