Legends of the African Sun Book (Available now)

About the book

The African continent, where life began, has gifted us with amazing legends who have stood up against injustice and inspired us to be brave. They are kings and queens, warriors and environmentalists, writers and artists, inventors and innovators, thinkers and athletes. Some are women who have led battles against powerful enemies. Others have unique talents which allow them to do things that no one else can do.

Legends of the African Sun tells the stories of thirty legendary African women and men. They come from various parts of Africa—East, West, South, and North. From Queen Nzingha of Ndongo, Angola, to Lupita Nyong’o of Nairobi, Kenya, to Desmond Tutu of Klerksdorp, South Africa, these legends defied the odds against them, enacted bold ideas, showed tremendous compassion and bravery, and serve as powerful role models for children.

This collection of short biographies helps teach young children about legendary Africans and the problems and issues they confronted on their journeys.

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