Capturing The Wild in The Dark

“Nowhere can you get completely close to lions and other animals and still be completely safe” – The Johannesburg Lion Park.IMG_2466Okay – so this was before the recent tragedy when an American tourist opened her car window to photograph a lion and tragically lost her life. All the same, if you love safaris as I do, I would encourage you to go for a night game drive. Take your camera along. IMG_2457I took these photos with my DSLR video camera. I have not edited or added any filters. But, I should mention that the rangers hooked us up with a big flash light. It was an incredible experience. These creatures are magnificent! It is such a pity that they are hunted for sport.IMG_2446Of course, the recent killing of Cecil, the lion, made the news and people are rightly outraged. I am too! It’s not just about a lion; It’s about conservation. It’s about our heritage and natural resources; it’s about our continent and its beauty; it’s about narrow-minded neo-colonialists who treat the continent with utmost disrespect and get away with it. While many countries have banned the hunting of these cats, Southern Africa still allows it (though not in national parks). I hope this event will trigger a review of conservation policies and practices.   IMG_2467#huntingisstupid #conservationmatters! #ifyouwanttohuntgoaftermosquitoes #andtrykillingthosemozzieswithyourcrossbow #nowthatsahunt!

Peace and love!

Photo credits: All photos displayed are my own.