Redefining Afro Chic In Interior Design

If you could choose any profession other than what you currently have, what would it be? If I weren’t an economist and a wanna-be documentary filmmaker, photographer, chocolate-maker and writer (yes, all combined), I’d probably choose architecture or interior design. So much can be done with African fabrics beyond fashion. Very seldom will you find upholstered furniture and other homeware items in beautiful African print. Often, you need to know a guy who knows a guy that can make it for you.

This is starting to change with entrepreneurs like WaspandSprout (a fantastic Kenyan company) and among some global brands. But for the most part, this is an untapped market waiting for African entrepreneurs. This blog is essentially a photoblog to illustrate what we can do with African fabric in the interior design space. And it is just a small taste. There is far more potential for African prints beyond what you see in these photos. Animal prints and sculptures are very dated. Fabric is where it’s at.

I hope this blog will inspire and trigger your creative and entrepreneurial spirit or maybe just give you ideas of making your home more Afro-chic.

Peace and Love!

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