2017 Year in Review

Happy 2018!!! Do you have major goals or expectations of this year? I certainly do! I am filled with optimism about 2018. But first, let’s have a quick reflection of 2017. Personally, it was a productive year for me (see my last blog) but generally on the continent and globally, I found 2017 a bit lacking and borderline depressing with everything that’s been going on. Here are my top five events worthy of note.

1. The Zim coup that wasn’t a coup

This was exciting for a hot minute especially as we were trying to figure out whether it was a coup or not. We got over the non-coup confusion and celebrated with Zimbabweans as they took to the streets to welcome change. Then, reality kicked in. We had been duped. It was the same Zanu PF – Mugabe’s cronies – who had only sacrificed the old goat in order to further entrench their hold in politics. Ain’t nothing changed. Mtcheew. All the same, it was refreshing to see the last of the the old man (we hope) and his scary mrs.


2. Hurricane Irma

This was a horrific event and it hit close to home, having family and close friends living in the US and British Virgin Islands. For a period of time, communication came to a halt and I didn’t know if my people were safe or not. It was really scary time and it’s been a long recovery period for so many people. It only reminds us not to take life for granted.


3. Kenya’s elections

For the first time in modern history, the courts stepped in to nullify an election. It was shocking and a very proud moment for the continent. It reminded us that our institutions are functional (at times). So, kudos to Kenya’s supreme court for doing Africa proud. In the end, nothing changed, but that doesn’t take away from the precedent that has been set and one that will inspire other judicial bodies to do their bit in checking the executive.


4. #Me Too

This is probably the most significant event of 2017 with some sexually abusive men in high powered positions being named and shamed. Women rallied together under the hashtag #metoo. Many women including myself have had to deal with inappropriate comments and gestures from men. Its disgusting and will no longer go under the rug. So, men are being put on notice because if things don’t change, the next metoo hashtag may be followed by the name of the guy.


5. The royal engagement

Dont roll your eyes just yet. This event is making the list not because it’s a royal affair. It is black twitter’s reaction to it all that made it hilariously entertaining. Folks talking about who was going to bring the potato salad, wondering if they would dance to electric slide, etc. And yes, I will be watching the wedding when it airs.

Once again, I wish you a happy and healthy 2018!! Make it count.

Peace and Love!

Photo credits: new york times, culture and capitalism blog, Quartz, PBS, Integerinvestments.