Discovering the Beauty and Serenity of Northern Ghana

Once upon a time, I was a consistent blogger then life happened 😅. Relocating to a new country, new job, new home, new language etc etc got in the way. Now, I spend a lot time going back and forth between Ghana and La Côte D’Ivoire and so far I am loving reconnecting with West Africa after such a long absence.

In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about how West Africa struggles to compete with our Northern, Eastern and Southern brethren who have better safaris, shores, sun, shopping, and a bunch of other S’s. At the time, I felt like West Africa’s only competitive “S” were the slave castles – a bit depressing but I’m starting to have a change of heart on this.

I recently went on a holiday to the northern part of Ghana and my experience was on par with top luxury safari holidays in South Africa. Right in the heart of the Mole National Park is a beautiful luxurious lodge called Zaina. It was the perfect 40th birthday gift from myself to myself. The beauty and serenity was unforgettable. We’re talking about viewing elephants right at the doorstep of the lodge and in full view from your room’s balcony!

It was my first visit to the Northern part of Ghana and it felt like I was in a completely different country. I especially enjoyed sharing the experience with my adventurous 4 year old son. We went on daily safaris and even though we didn’t see a whole lot of animals, the thrill was in the looking. I must say I was really surprised to learn that there is no fence between the park and the surrounding villages! We also enjoyed the community visit where we learned about Shea butter processing (ok this part was a complete bore for my son). But, the late afternoon swims in the lodge’s infinity pool was the perfect way to end the day.

Anyway, this blog is mainly to reconnect with readers because its been a while and continue to share my passion for this majestic continent. If you havent been to Northern Ghana, I hope the blog will prick your curiosity about Ghana’s cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Peace and Love!